The widely used sweeteners such as saccharin, sucralose or aspartame modify the intestinal Microbiota, both in its constitution and in its function, which causes an intolerance to glucose.

Eran Segal’s team has shown that the consumption of sweeteners is associated with an increase in weight and a higher fasting glucose.

The researchers added to a group of mice in saccharine water, sucralose or aspartame for 11 weeks, after which the mice who drank sugar water had a glucose intolerance compared to the control group that did not take any. The analysis of the Microbiota showed that it had changed.

By transferring the Microbiota from these two groups of animals to flax-free mice, changes in the Microbiota have been shown to be the cause of glucose intolerance. Similar experiments were conducted in humans, confirming that the consumption of sweeteners modified the Microbiota, and that this was a cause of the increase in blood sugar.