It was already known that diet and taking drugs act on the Microbiota. According to a new study led by Dr. Jeffrey Woods we can now add physical exercise as one of the factors acting on the Microbiota.

This study involved the analysis of the Microbiota (by stool analysis) of a cohort of patients before and after a six-week period of exercise. The exercises consisted in performing, 3 days a week, a sports session of less than one hour during which the heart rate went from 60% FCM (moderate) to 75% (sustained).

The effects recorded on the Microbiota were different depending on the patients’ profile, whether they were obese or healthy. For healthy people, physical exercise has increased the three most common short chain fatty acids (SCFA): Acetate, Propionate and Butyrate. For obese people, however, there was an increase in AGCC Propionate but not Acetate or Butyrate.

Other studies will of course be necessary to discover all the effects of physical exercise on the Microbiota, but these first results are an additional incentive to go to exercise!