Your microBiota is a unique set of trillions of

microorganisms living in your gut.

Most are associated with good health, but others

are known to be linked to certain diseases.

We provide a comprehensive gut microBiota

analysis to help you improve your health and

global wellness.

Why should I check my gut microBiota?

Scientists are discovering every day new relationships between our microBiota and our health, our emotions and our well-being in general.

In the intestine there are millions of neurons modulated by the microBiota, it is said that the intestine is our “second brain”

That’s not all: our microBiota is also our first bulwark against some dangerous microbes.

To be strong and efficient, our microBiota also needs to be in good health. It must be diverse in its composition and balanced.

The presence of certain bacteria is indicative of various disorders, from digestion to real diseases.

it is also involved in the choice of our diet, our daily attitudes and up to our emotional balance.


The analysis of your microBiota, through sequencing (16S rRNA), will reveal its composition and diversity. The proportion of each family of bacteria is very important, as it tells a lot about your eating habits / deficiencies. This analysis will be compared to that of other people whose diet profiles are known.


You can also compare your analyzes at regular intervals,

To observe the impact of a change in your diet on your microBiota over time.


What Our Clients Say

I requested an analyse of my microBiota and was very surprised to learn the results

David (Manchester)

Thanks to the weekly Nutrition coaching I have lost 10 pounds in 3 months!

Andrea (London)


Because we are passionated by
Nutrition and microBiota we are
delighted by the recent technological
advances that allow us to better understand
how to act to improve our health.

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